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Greasemonkey is a very powerful tool, which allows you to fix website annoyances or add desired functionality missing from a site. Additionally, the scripts can bring content from other sites and resources and embed them into the page you are viewing. For example, you could create a script on that pulls the current Amazon.com price for a book when visiting a competitors site. You can use Greasemonkey to view Amazon’s price right beside the competitors within the browser.

Just as musicians remix music to create new works of art, Greasemonkey allows you to remix web sites to create user experiences more valuable to you. Best of all, you can share these remixable snippets with others. Just be sure to remix responsibly — violating the terms of service on some web applications can get you banned.You should have some concern about your security. We advise that you inspect scripts before installing them to make sure they meet your desired level of security. For example, an XMLHTTPRequest inside a user script could easily send your personal data to a third party. It is your responsibility to verify the integrity of a script prior to installation.To get started follow these steps:

  • First you need to install Greasemonkey from [WWW]the Greasemonkey home page, then restart Firefox.
  • To install a script, just right click on the link of a script on this page and choose Install User Script. Alternatively, you can click through to view the source of the script, and then install using the Tools > “Install User Script” command.
  • Go to the relevant site and enjoy the new experience. For more information on how to use Greasemonkey, visit this introductory [WWW]page.

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