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Early Review of Google Classroom -

Meg Tufano is co-Founder of SynaptIQ+ (think tank for social era knowledge) and leader of McDermott MultiMedia Group (an education consulting group focused on Google Apps EDU). We have been checking out Google Classroom – with her as the teacher and me … Continue reading →

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Two Excellent Web Tools to Create Story Maps in Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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Liberio Lets You Make an eBook From Google Drive – GalleyCat

Liberio Lets You Make an eBook From Google Drive

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A Must Have Resource for Finding Educational Sites, Apps and Services ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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Shelf Control: Kindle Unlimited meets Readmill in the e-reading platform Bookmate — AppAdvice

Like Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, and Oyster, Bookmate offers unlimited access to a library of e-books for a fee.

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24 Juli 2014 at 20:10 - Comments

Google Drive, dein Freund und Verleger: Wie Liberio das E-Book vereinfacht

Das Berliner Startup Liberio schickt sich an, die Erstellung und Veröffentlichung von E-Books im Selbstverlag zu vereinfachen. Helfen soll dabei in erster Linie Google Drive als zentrale Schnittstelle – für die Zukunft haben die Macher auch Features für Profi-Autoren in der Hinterhand.

Source: t3n.de

22 Juli 2014 at 22:38 - Comments

Kindle Books ohne DRM doppelt so erfolgreich wie mit DRM » lesen.net

E-Books, die ohne Kopierschutz bei Amazon angeboten werden, verkaufen sich doppelt so häufig wie E-Books mit hartem DRM.

Source: www.lesen.net

22 Juli 2014 at 07:22 - Comments

Facebook: Neues Feature speichert Timeline-Inhalte

Facebook hat heute Save vorgestellt, eine Art Favoriten-Funktion für die Timeline. Das Feature wird in den kommenden Tagen an sämtliche Nutzer ausgerollt.

Source: www.chip.de

22 Juli 2014 at 07:21 - Comments

Good e-Reader Unveils Updated Android News App

Over the course of the last few years our News App for Android was not very compelling. It was slow, unwieldy and not indicative to the simplified vision we

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How to create eBook app for ipad

t would by no means be a wild assumption to state the ways in which we receive and digest content and data has changed irrevocably in a relatively short space

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